The Show Must Go On

…there’s no business like, well, no business…

“Nothing is so embarrassing nor so mischievous in a great assembly as the details of execution. The smallest trifle of that kind occupies as long as the most important act of legislation, and takes place of every thing else.  Let any man recollect, or look over the files of Congress, he will observe the most important propositions hanging over from week to week and month to month, till the occasions have past them, and the thing never done.”

~Thomas Jefferson, letter to Edward Carrington, 04 August 1787


Well, at least we can be comforted knowing that the last Congress as completely ineffective as our current one was around when we still operated under the Articles of Confederation.  It’s good to know we can still be as hopelessly incompetent as our fore-bearers were before they got rid of the old Articles entirely.  Of course, they replaced it with the Constitution we still use to this day under the assumption that reasonable men would be able to legislate effectively under it.  At least we can congratulate ourselves on our ability to foil even the best-laid plans.  Our true genius these days lies in how much we are able to screw up the laws set down by actual geniuses.  Modernity is certainly a marvel.  The fact that we are still even pretending that the Constitution serves some purpose in terms of how Congress functions day to day is a marvel in and of itself.  I mean who do these people think they’re kidding?  These men are no Jeffersons or Washingtons.  This isn’t John Adams making an inconvenient but principled stand to make a point.  It’s petty, simple, partisan bickering not over any real point at this point, but over simply getting their job done.  Running the government is their only job.  If they can’t even do that, why even bother showing up to at all?  What kind of actors get paid and praised even if they don’t perform the play?

How much ridiculous does it take to motivate the apathetic American public?  Our government literally turned itself off.  ON PURPOSE.  They are actively talking about not paying our previous bills on top of that.  And yet they have the nerve to stand up and pontificate that whatever side they are on cares most about America’s legacy and future.   Here’s a helpful hint – people that can’t even be bothered to show up and get the work done, do not care.  No one cares most because no one cares at all.  I have yet to meet a single American citizen who thinks our government not functioning is a good idea.  I have yet to meet a single citizen who believes that not paying our debts is a good idea.  And yet, our representatives seem to think these are both brilliant plans because they have done nothing to fix them!  Wake up, America.  Electing representatives that don’t actually represent you is just as bad as being a government that doesn’t govern.

Res Publica


Documentation without Representation:

Thomas Jefferson, letter to Edward Carrington, 04 August 1787

Electronic Text Courtesy of University of Chicago Press

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