Sitting Ducks

…are preferable to lame ducks at any rate, at least they are choosing to stay still…

“Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.”
-John Adams, Letter to Benjamin Rush (18 April 1808)


It’s funny. I can’t seem to recall anything about the second half of a second presidential term being inherently a time when no one could be productive. And yet, here we are, and all the politicians and news media can say about the current state of political affairs is that ‘well it’s the lame duck part of the Presidency’. Here’s the thing: our government is meant to be one of constant activity; there is no “lame duck” period for the President or anyone else who is supposed to be working for us. Being in government is meant to be a tough, unrelenting job that requires those who participate on our behalf to be on their game and working all the time. And frankly, since the Founding Fathers actually intended the legislature to reflect the supreme voice and will of the people, it really shouldn’t matter at all that the President is in whatever part of whatever term. Really there is just no excuse. No excuse for Congress to be going about business as usual. No excuse for the President to just sit back and not push on with whatever government business needs doing. No excuse that we the people don’t even seem to care one whit about whether or not our political officials are really doing their jobs.

Because the thing is, regardless of what your role is in a political system, if you aren’t doing your job then you really don’t care. People that care show up. They work. They don’t take a day off; they don’t put the things that matter on the back burner. They don’t take no for an answer. They do what’s right all the time. Because when you care about something, it’s a priority. And you can say you care about your country until you are blue (or red) in the face. But that doesn’t make it true, at any level of the political spectrum, unless you are actually doing something. Because we do or we do not. Most of us don’t. And that’s nothing to quack at.

Res Publica

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