A Fair Share

…means giving as well as receiving the benefits that come from being American…

“That as we enjoy great Advantages from the Inventions of Others, we should be glad of an Opportunity to serve others by any Invention of ours, and this we should do freely and generously”

~ Benjamin Franklin, The Autobiography, 1791


Being American isn’t really that hard…we don’t have the requirements upon us that many other nations impose on their citizenry.  And yet, our citizens and especially our businesses go to incredible lengths to avoid the most basic duties of being citizens.  We don’t vote.  Our businesses avoid paying their taxes, despite making massive profits, and enjoying massive trading and legitimate tax breaks.  The companies here take advantage of all the benefits of being American, but don’t want to pay into the system.  They contrive and scheme in order to give the least to the nation they rely on to give them the most.  It is our military that protects global trade. It is our cities and states that have provided the education and the resources to these companies to get started.  It is our great nation, as a whole, that has given these groups the opportunities to make it big and make that big money.  But when it comes time for them to pay into the system that gave them so much, they try not to give a dime.  The solution is simple…seize their assets and tell them to do their business elsewhere if they don’t want to do their business here and they don’t want to pay into the system here.  You either buy all the way in or you don’t.  It’s that easy.

Res Publica

Documentation without Representation:

Benjamin Franklin, The Autobiography, 1791

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