A Few Good Men

…are hard to find…

To you, then, gentlemen, who are charged with the sovereign functions of legislation, and to those associated with you, I look with encouragement for that guidance and support which may enable us to steer with safety the vessel in which we are all embarked amidst the conflicting elements of a troubled world.”

~ Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address, 04 March 1801


It’s about to be election time once again throughout this great nation.  And while it might be an “off year”, as in non-presidential election, every vote still counts.  What’s more, in the world we live in today, we need more than just a few good men to make sure that our nation stays on track.  In every possible facet of life, economic, social, medical, cultural, and international, we face unprecedented questions and issues.  We need guidance and support and leadership and legislators that actually think, and care enough to have the integrity to do what is right.  Because without this guidance, we’ll continue to falter.  And a ship can only fill with water so long before it can no longer be saved and will inevitably sink to the bottom of the ocean.

The Founding Fathers faced these types of troubled seas.  They knew we would again.  That is why they gave us the tools to navigate them.  We have free and (mostly) fair elections.  We have a Constitution.  We have a society where the people can and should govern if they only have the will to do so.  We MUST exercise our right to vote.  We MUST focus on the type of legislators we’re putting into power.  We absolutely MUST be sure that the people we entrust with our legislation are in fact GOOD and HONORABLE men.  We cannot afford to be deceived any longer.  We must stand up for the type of nation and world we want.  The time is now.  Vote !

Res Publica

Documentation without Representation:

Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address, 04 March 1801 (emphasis added)


Electronic Text Courtesy of The Avalon Project at Yale Law School

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