…is apparently something to be celebrated in this nation…

“Judas sold only one man, Arnold three millions.  Judas got for his one man thirty pieces of silver, Arnold not a halfpenny a head.  A miserable bargain!”

~Benjamin Franklin, letter to the Marquis de Lafayette, 14 May 1781


Clearly Benedict Arnold was just a traitor during the wrong war.  After all, if he had fought in the Civil War, a certain portion of the American population would still be recounting his bravery and flying his rebel flag.  Because you know treason isn’t treason when its the Civil War (which more correctly should be called the Civil Insurrection).  Apparently when you START a rebellion by building an army to overthrow the American government, and then kill a ton of American soldiers by firing on an American base (that would be Fort Sumter folks) on American soil no less, some people today will still want to be associated with your cause and will happily recount their ancestors who fought for the cause of being a traitor to their nation.  Frankly, this citizen would be wholly embarrassed to learn a relation, distant or otherwise, had committed treason against our country, but to each their own.

The Founding Fathers themselves would not think of praise of the Confederacy of the Civil War any other way than that of traitors being glorified.  Benedict Arnold, like many revolutionary-era Americans, fought for the British.  The difference that made him a vile traitor?  He started out on the side of the colonists and then changed sides because he didn’t like the way things went for him personally and professionally (and financially).  Why did the South begin the Civil War?  They didn’t like the person who got elected President.  Guess what?  That’s just too bad.  Sometimes your candidate loses.  You don’t get to start a rebellion over it (that would be what those third world countries do who are always engulfed in civil wars – let’s hope we’re better than that these days).  Launching an assault on a military base because you are upset someone lost an election WAS TREASON, IS TREASON, AND WILL ALWAYS BE TREASON.  If you want to fly a traitor flag, that’s your right.  But don’t be surprised when some of your fellow citizens take you for one.

Res Publica

Documentation without Representation:

Benjamin Franklin, letter to the Marquis de Lafayette, 14 May 1781

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