The Wrong Answer

…is usually easier than the right one….that’s why it’s always so easy to go wrong…



“But lest some unlucky event should happen unfavorable to my reputation, I beg it may be remembered by every gentleman in the room that I this day declare, with the utmost sincerity, I do not think myself equal to the command I am honored with.”

~ George Washington, on accepting his Appointment as Commander-in-Chief, June 15, 1775 (emphasis added)



Demagoguery is not the answer.  It certainly SEEMS like it might be the answer, given the way the common man in the country flocks to its call.  But it’s not.  Because like most things in politics or our government, the common man will end up woefully disappointed by what they ACTUALLY get if their popular hero manages to get elected into public office.  But the common man is also RIGHT.  Our system is deeply broken if the only thing they think can fix it is someone so far outside the standards of human decency and ability to govern according to the law.  The people want an answer.  The people deserve an answer.  But the demagogue many are looking at right now is the wrong answer.  Mostly because it’s an easy answer.  And everyone in the nation, even the most average basic citizen fundamentally knows if there was an easy answer to all the things that are presently going wrong with our nation and our system of governance, then it would have already been fixed.

There are no easy outs.  Democracies crumble because they elect demagogues and dictators into power.  These people often promise the solution to every woe facing their nation, and they seem like the easy answer.  The person who will CHANGE everything and get the job done.  But who then goes on to so much further pervert the system as to make it unrecognizable, or who stay in power long after they should have left.  These people do not have the answers.  They have something that sounds like answers, but once again, it’s TOO EASY.  If America could be made GREAT again by the force of ideas or one man, it would have already happened.  No one person ever fixed everything in Washington, nor made America “great”.  Not even Washington himself.

George Washington was the most popular of the Revolutionaries.  In a room of great men, even men vastly smarter, BY HIS OWN RECKONING, than himself, Washington stood out.  The qualities that made a nation love him?  That made a nation know he would be a great leader?  The perfect first President?  The man to bring together a brand new nation and to make what had been a chaotic patchwork of governance under the various colonies during the war BETTER?  Why did they love him?  Why was he RIGHT to govern, to FIX what the war had broken?  He hadn’t been that great of a general.  The Revolutionaries certainly had better and Washington had lost a fair share of his battles.  What Washington was, was so much more.  Washington was humble.  He was loyal.  He was dignified.  He was kind.  He was a man of vast integrity.  He cared deeply about his nation and his duty to it.  In fact, the defining quality every man who knew him gave him was DUTIFUL.  He would never abuse the power he was given.  He knew what the limits of his office and his role were, and he used them for the betterment and aggrandizement not of HIMSELF, but of his COUNTRY.  Washington PUT HIS COUNTRY FIRST, always.  Only the leader who does that is truly worth following.

Res Publica

Documentation without Representation:

George Washington, on accepting his Appointment as Commander-in-Chief, June 15, 1775 (emphasis added)

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