…tends to mean you actually come from “outside” something…

“That liberty [is pure] which is to go to all, and not to the few or the rich alone.” –Thomas Jefferson to Horatio Gates, 1798. ME 9:441

You know what’s interesting? All the people in this particular presidential election cycle positioning themselves as “outsiders”. Wealthy businessmen who have been part of the elite manipulating politics? Not outsiders. Guys who have been in the Senate longer than their core voters have been alive? Not outsiders. In fact, everyone in this election still is part and parcel of a long time problem and long time fear that the Founding Fathers had when they created this nation. What they were hoping to avoid- an entrenched political and financial elite that passed down wealth and political clout through generations has become the American reality. Once elected, people stay in power far longer than any one would have ever imagined. Once rich, people stay wealthy and avoid taxes across multiple generations.

The real revolutionaries would be rolling over in their graves to hear these men claim “outsider” status. These men aren’t “pure” and “untainted”. These people are the same elite few that they rail against. Real change doesn’t come from electing a wealthy businessman with decades of ties to political causes or from a man who has hung on to a seat in Congress for over 26 years or from a woman who has been in every political position short of the actual Presidency. Every single one of these individuals is part of elite few, not the rest of the America they claim to want to serve. Worse still, some of these same pander to an angry electorate by claiming to not be the wolves in sheep’s clothing that they are. Liberty belongs to us all. But until we can all open our eyes to what’s in front of us, only the elite few will have real freedom.

Res Publica

Documentation without Representaion:
Thomas Jefferson to Horatio Gates, 1798. ME 9:441

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